Introduction and purpose of this blog

I am a PhD candidate at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. My research focuses on explaining inter- and intra-specific variation in parasitism in damselflies. Most people do not realise that damselflies are parasitized by a whole slew of organisms; macro and micro, external and internal. I will speak often of damselflies here because they are my primary focus (See picture for a heavily water mite parasitised Enallagma ebrium). However, I have many biological and other interests. I enjoy being outside observing many different types of organisms, usually insects, because they do fascinating things. There are even extraordinary things happening indoors.

Super parasitized Enallagma ebrium by Arrenurus water mites.

You may be thinking that as a PhD candidate, I am much more established than one that is just starting out as an undergraduate. I would argue that I may be more set in my ways but I am still very much in awe of every novel thing I come upon. I hope that this wonder will never leave me. If it does, maybe I’ll know that this is not what I am supposed to be doing. This blog will therefore focus on my observations of my surroundings. It will mostly be about biological/ecological/natural historical observations and stories. Sharing these observations will hopefully increase the appreciation of nature and our surroundings and maybe even give readers ideas encouragement to make their own.


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