Writer’s block

I have all of my data, it is analysed so I have most of my results and my graphs are (mostly) ready. I have looked at my results and I’m pretty confident of the story I want to tell, so why is it so hard to write? Am I afraid of finishing? Or is it worry of what will happen after I submit my thesis?

I can think of several reasons that are blocking my way to finish:

1-      When do you think about it, I have been immersed in my thesis work for 3 years that it’s all I know. I have been lucky! I have been publishing my chapters as I progressed through my thesis. There are a few more chapters, but I’m getting there. I’m sure that many students go through this. You can see the end and are happy all your hard work is going to pay off. At the same time, the end of your program means you’re not going to be a student anymore. There are a lot of uncertainties. But there is also a great deal of excitement. Could be that the uncertainties of the future are holding me back from finishing?

2-      Another reason I may have trouble writing my thesis could be the realisation that I’m actually done with field work. No need to get more data. It is hard, especially for a field biologist, to think that I don’t need to collect any more. Being in the field always breathes new life into a project, not needing to get back out in the field means I’ll have to get my energy from somewhere else. Maybe I can help somebody collect for their project? Or maybe I should just take a short break, go on vacation for a week, hike and clear my mind before I dive in full tilt into writing.

3-      The final reason could be the most obvious. I always have had trouble writing. I like doing the research. And I like to think about it. Truthfully, I have written many version of my introductory literature review, but I’m never satisfied with it.

I shouldn’t be afraid; there are so many research ideas in my head that I have a long list. Of course, the side projects and ideas have been secondary to the main question of my thesis. I’ll be able to pursue those.

I may be overthinking things, maybe my problem is simpler than that, maybe it’s just writer’s block… I can get over it… yeah… well I guess I should go write… It’s ok to be blocked with writing it will come!


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